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Welcome to the UnScape Wikia, a wikia dedicated all members of UnScape by Unborn.

New here? You may need a little help getting started, try using these tutorials as a beginners guide. To write a new UnScape Wiki article, simple put the article name in the box below. Make sure the article you are about to make is non-existant.


  • Mods -- In-depth look at the half-epic ones behind UnScape
  • Donators -- Take a look at all of UnScape's current donators and have a look at how you yourself can donate to UnScape
  • Coming Soon -- What to expect from UnScape in the near future.

Where to startEdit

  • If you are new to wikia, you may want to try the tutorials on the Central Wikia. * A list of all help pages can be found at Category:Help.

UnScape NewsEdit

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