God's Glory is the Castlewars-themed minigame created by Unborn and Mod Andii. It is a major activity in the server, and is almost always occupied by 10+ player

How do you play God's Glory?Edit

(You can not wear a cape if you wish to play this minigame.)

To start God's Glory, the player must click the GG tab, or the GG teleport in the Spellbook Tab. Once in the lobby, the player must speak to the Banker, the player will have a several options, one being to leave, on being to buy a ticket for 1,000,000GP, and one being to ask about God's Glory.

If you choose to buy a ticket,you will be prompted to select a team, Saradomin or Zamorak. (The server will automatically change your team depending on the amout of players participating, and the teams they selected.)

The gameplay of God's Glory is pretty basic. If you are on the Saradomin team, you kill the Zamorak players/mages. vise versa.

The team who has the most kills by the end of the round wins, and recieves Reward Points, which can be used as currrency in the God's Glory reward shop, in the lobby.

(Score is based on kills. If you have 8 kills, and the opposing team has 4 kills, then you win with a score of 4. [8-4=40])

What are the Rewards?Edit

The rewards for God's Glory consist of Godsword Hilts, and various God Armor, such as Saradomin Capes, Unholy Books, and Guthix Staves.

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